I Hope You Like Flowers and Flowing Water

I hope you like flowers and flowing water because that’s all you’re going to see here.

For the most part.

You know you might have made the right choice when you get to a location and somebody puts up a sign for you to follow.

I probably put up too many photo’s and the intention was to annotate them all.

But words don’t come to me like they used to, or I get bored with words quickly. I’m no longer convinced that the words would add much, just a form of clutter.

To keep it brief, I missed the peak blooming of the Virginia Bluebells by about 3 days. You’ll see in some of the close up shots that some of the flowers had already started falling off and others were starting to brown out.

Wide shots of all these flowers blooming on the forest floor don’t even come close to the impression you get while you’re out there. No lens can match peripheral vision, so as wide as a photo is, it doesn’t even come close to having flowers starting at your knees and enveloping you in all directions.

Then there’s the details the camera misses. Tucked in along the forest floor along with the bluebells are hundreds of smaller flowers. A wide variety of color that adds to what you’re looking at, but the camera can’t catch.

Then there’s the creek a few feet away that must be visited along with objects found while wandering. All have words I can probably attach if I gave it some thought.

But enough of that thought stuff, it’s time to look at pictures.