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A Sunflower Strip Tease

Up with the sun this morning and while going through my routine of coffee and the first cheap cigar of the day, I caught a sunflower strip tease going on in the yard. Kinda sexy in a plant life kinda way. Can’t recall ever seeing this before. Usually they’re either all the way open or closed.


Endless Rows of Corn

Endless rows of corn… this way.


Like a Deer in the Headlights

Like a deer in the headlights which, luckily, I’ve never experienced and don’t know what it looks like. I prefer that startled look of deer in the woods, where they belong. Except for those two times where I was in a standoff with big bucks. They just looked pissed. I now know that look. Luckily, again, they backed off.


How to Make a Headstone

How to make a headstone in order to keep people guessing. I could see doing this. Only, I’m getting cremated. Why would a claustrophobe want to be crammed into a box and shoved into the ground…


A Field Full of Gold

A field full of gold would be a good thing. As long as the field full of gold was made up of real gold. Then I could retire.


Pretty Purple Flowers

And pretty purple flowers is what I’ll have to call them forever. I have no doubt I have been told their name numerous times, but my brain doesn’t retain names well. So, pretty purple flowers they are. At least I’ll always remember that I can go out and photograph more of them the last week of July. I do have a head for numbers.


Seen Better Days

Seen better days…


June Tenth Twenty Fifteen

From almost 2 years ago on June Tenth Twenty Fifteen. I stood in the middle of a field out at Silver Springs State Park as storms were blowing up all around me, every direction. I don’t recall seeing lightning, at least not close by, but this is probably not the smartest place to be when this is happening all around you. But it is addictive […]


I Hope You Like Flowers and Flowing Water

I hope you like flowers and flowing water because that’s all you’re going to see here. For the most part. You know you might have made the right choice when you get to a location and somebody puts up a sign for you to follow. I probably put up too many photo’s and the intention was to annotate them all. But words don’t come to […]