April Showers Bring April Flowers

April showers bring April flowers, at least now. I’m not much of a flower photographer, but this time of year with the rains and the warming earth a number of wild flowers bloom. You have to go out to see them when it’s happening because it’s fleeting and within a few weeks they’re gone till next year. I know the names of these two and […]


Trying to Decide what I Like About it

I copied it off to my desktop, manipulated it and then just let it sit there for some reason for months. Must have been trying to decide what I like about it. Still don’t quite know.


Big and Empty

I wanted to make a vertical panorama to see how big and empty I could make it look. I think this works.


Sky Cooperated a Little

I thought it was going to be a dud, but the sky cooperated a little at the very end.


Hill Country

Would be nice if I lived in hill country where I can get up high and shoot the farm fields laying between all those rolling hills… But I don’t. So I make do with what I got.


Northgate Shopping Center in Aurora Illinois

I’ve been driving past the Northgate Shopping Center in Aurora Illinois for 20 years. For 17 years it was an occasional drive by while looking for places to fish on the Fox River. For the past 3 years it’s been every day, twice a day, to and from work and every time I’ve seen it I’d say to myself… I should stop and take some […]


The First Sunset of 2017

The sky and the weather cooperated for the first sunset of 2017. Winter conditions around here keep me from going out much. Not a fan of gray and when you combine that with snow, bitter cold and howling winds, time at home is time better spent. Today was worth the wait and when I got done, I could still feel my fingers.


A Snowless December

A Snowless December from a couple of years ago. Just nice enough for a walk and warm enough for fog.


The Clouds were Disappearing

The clouds were disappearing as fast as the sun seemed to be setting. Seems to do that often toward sunset. I used to know the reason, not sure the reason matters much anymore.